We live in trying times. Social media has divided us into polarizing camps. The corporate arena has become just that — fighters doing whatever it takes to get to the top, oftentimes by stepping on those beneath them. Maybe a worldwide pandemic annihilated your previous position, leaving you with a bitter taste, a plethora of free time and a newfound propensity to dish out disparaging tweets to anyone displaying a modicum of success.

Enough doom and gloom. Let’s flip the coin over and examine the other side.

When was the last time you received unsolicited praise from a stranger? If…

Source: Outlier.org

I recently completed Outlier’s Calculus course. This is a personal review of the program’s strengths, weaknesses, and my overall impression.

Why Did I Choose Outlier?

It’s been more than a decade (ouch) since I participated in any formal math course. Over the past year, I’ve become quite interested in Machine Learning, and the more I explore, the more I discover that Calculus plays an integral role in the discipline. This was the primary driving factor behind me tackling Calculus.

Now, I could self-study using Khan Academy (which helped quite a bit — more on that later), but I also like the appeal of receiving formal…


Lifelong learner.

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